Active summer in Cerkljansko hills

St. ANNE's and hotel
St. ANNE's and hotel
Porezen mountain
Porezen mountain
Hikers at Blegoš
Hikers at Blegoš
Lake, a sight toward Blegoš
Lake, a sight toward Blegoš
Kopa peak (author Makuc)
Kopa peak (author Makuc)

We want to invite all nature and hiking-lovers who would  like to get away from the real world, to the Ski Centre Cerkno, where there are 6 luxurious apartments. Here you will be able to enjoy the untouched outdoors; collect forest fruits or take a hike to the nearby Blegoš, Porezen... to the village of Davča. We can give you some ideas for a trip to the nearby or far away surroundings with numerous museums, rural tourism, natural and cultural sights or you will just simply relax and literally recharge your batteries.

Tips for trips


Trip starts in Cerkno at the Cerkljansko Museum, where you will see the exhibition "Cerkljansko Through the Centuries" and "It’s The Carnival’s Fault!".  Only a shot away from the Franja Hospital you can visit a typical Cerkljansko rural house called “Kamlonarše”.  You can finish your trip in Novaki in the direction of the Cerkno Ski Centre and take a look at the old farming tools in the restaurant Lovec. 


A fifteen minute drive from the apartments in the direction of Železniki brings you to the active village of Davča.  You continue your trip on foot in front of the domestic rural tourism point near Jemec and follow the marked path towards Porezen.  You soon turn towards the Davča falls. On your way back you can reenergize yourselves at the tourist farm Pr' Šoštarju (At Šoštar's).  After become revitalized you can also visit the ethnographic museum Davča.  From there you can follow the winding valley to Železniki.  Visiting the museum there will take you through the history of steel production and woodworking. Prior to going back to your apartment we recommend that you take a look at how Dražgoše and Loka honey bread is made. 


19 km from the apartments, along a path through Zali Log there is the village of Sorica.  More demanding hikers can go on a circular tour along the tops of the Sorica Plateau. You will need approximately three and a half hours for the entire circle.  A short walk will take you on a Path of Heritage Buildings (duration is approx. 1 hour), where you will learn about the Sorica “Pajštuba” (drying facility), the “Kozolec” (hayrack), a Baroque style church and other facilities.   The trip takes you on a tour of Grohar’s Home.  In Sorica you can eat at the Restaurant Macesen, where they will spoil you with domestic specialities. Prior to going back to the apartment, you will also be able to see a NOB (National Liberation) monument in Dražgoše that was uncovered on July 22, 1976.


The starting-point of this 2-3 hour hike to Kopa is at Raspet (1050 m), which is located on the border between Davča and Novaki.  You will be able to admire "Palaj"(lat. Micromeria thymifolia (Scopoli) Fritsch), which has been a valued medicinal plant for ages, on this well-kept and marked circular path. In Cerkljansko they soaked it in homemade moonshine, which they later used to treat indigestion. 


Zakojca is located only 15 km from Cerkno, the birthplace of the famous Slovenian publicist and writer France Bevk. The homestead, which has been renovated into a museum, will take you back to the writer's childhood and early youth.  You can obtain the key by registering in advance at the tourism farm Pri Flandru (At Flander's).  Zakojca is also an excellent starting point for short trips since you only need an hour and a half to the nearby top of Kojca. On our way back you can taste some domestic specialities such as homemade smoked ham, stomach, dumplings etc. at the tourism farm Pri Flandru (At Flander's).  They also have horses at the farm, and you can take the opportunity to learn the basics of horse-back riding. 


“Divje Babe”(Wild Women) is a paleontological archaeological site, a karst cave on the steep rock ridges overlooking the valley of the Idrica River 17 km from Cerkno.  The most famous discovery is the oldest instrument in the world - a bear bone pipe.  In Šebrelje you can set off to St. John's church towards the central village to the stag farm, where the locals will serve you with homemade stag salami and typical Šebrelje stomach. 


It is best to start at the Idrija City Museum for a tour where visitors are given a chronological overview of five centuries of the mercury mine and the city of Idrija (duration is 1 hour 15 minutes). Then there is a tour towards the “Jašek Frančiška” (The "Frančiška" Shaft) the oldest preserved mining facility in Idrija and then toward the miners house (duration is 45 minutes).  You then continue on to “Antonijev rov” (Anthony’s Shaft), which is one of the oldest preserved entrances into a mine in the whole world and is open for tourists (duration is from 45 minutes to 1 hour).  After touring the mine you can also visit the “Kamšt” (duration is 45 minutes), a mining pump with the biggest wooden wheel drive in Europe or you can drive to “Divje jezero” (Lake Wild) or to “Klavže” a river dam, which helped those who floated wood around Idrija for the needs of the Idrija mercury mine.

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