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Child competing (author Kofol Anica)
Child competing (author Kofol Anica)
Ski kindergarden
Ski kindergarden
Ski kindergarden hut
Ski kindergarden hut
Ski kindergarden carousel
Ski kindergarden carousel

Our ski kindergarden offers specialist care for children and is a great attribute to Cerkno Ski Centre. Children have something and someone to entertain them here in all weather conditions, throughout the day. When it's cold, windy, rainy or snowing they can hide in the kindergarden hut, watch TV and draw or play. Outside there is also a lot to do – there are sledges, castles, a merry go round (carousel)…We organize competitions for the children where every child is a winner.

In short what children can, if they are willing, do at ski centre Cerkno:

  • compete and win prizes
  • play in the hut
  • play at the top floor of the restaurant
  • play outside at the ski kindergarden
  • watch TV, draw, play with lots and lots of toys
  • make fun of their parents when skiing better than they do
  • have a group skiing course and meet new friends
  • have an individual skiing course and tell all friends that his/hers ski instructor is the best
  • visit snow park, have a jump or two while their parents are not watching
  • after returning home tell all of their friends that ski centre Cerkno is the best

Check everything else and you will recognize that a holiday in Cerkno is a true family holiday.

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