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Restaurant - playing ground for kids

In these rushing times, when every day is lived in haste, it is vital that we take a moment for ourselves to enjoy in peace, tranquillity and nature.
The town Cerkno, with its well organised hiking paths in the surroundings, offers you a journey in the past, when our grandfathers picked fruit for the purpose of making from it fruit brandy during the colder months; it offers you hiking trips on the long-time abandoned mountain trails, which were in the past an important bond with the life in the valley. Along the paths you can sense the diligence, meticulousness and perseverance of the country man in the construction of hay barns, haylofts, fruit kilns and at the hay harvesting of these endless steep slopes.
You can go back in time for two hours or more, when there were no telephones, and our job did not occupy a first place in our lives - you are invited on an active time off and a trip to Cerkno and its surroundings.
The Cerkno Mountains represent a transition between the Alpine and Dinaric landscape, its geological features makes it one of the most interesting areas in Slovenia.
The landscape is geologically very variegated – here are many valleys and gorges between narrow mountains, which were eroded by the Cerknica River with its affluents. On the terraces in between these mountains the most numerous are small grouped villages (Zakriž, Labinje, Trebenče, Planina ...), around them there are vast fields, grassland, forests.
In areas on higher slopes, (on the altitude of almost 1000 m) there are still some occupied secluded farm houses (the peak Cerkljanski vrh, the peak Podlanišče...). The surrounding mountains have good accesses and beautiful nature, which makes it an ideal place for first steps into mountain hiking, like these peaks: the peak Bevkov vrh 1050 m, the peak Kojca 1340 m, the peak Črni vrh 1291 m and the highest among them all the peak Porezen 1632 m. Here are vast extending hunting grounds of the Hunting family Cerkno, rich in fauna with roe deer, capercailzie and black grouse.
Where narrow valleys widen to the basin lays the town Cerkno, which is an administrative district, economic and cultural centre of the Cerkljansko region, with 5115 inhabitants. It is situated on 324 m above sea level in a basin on the verge of the Primorska region with the Gorenjska region. Through this area lead natural passages from the Poljanska Valley and the Selška Valley toward the Valley of the River Idrijca and forward to the River Soča Valley.

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