Pine at Porezen mountain
Pine at Porezen mountain
Hut at Blegoš
Hut at Blegoš
Nature surprising
Nature surprising
Črni vrh from Škofje
Črni vrh from Škofje
Porezen blooming
Porezen blooming
Watching you
Watching you
Going up
Going up
St. John and archeological site
St. John and archeological site "Divje babe"

All those who like to spend their vacation actively are invited to get to know mountaineering in our region. Hotel Cerkno is a specialized 4th grade hiking hotel. Average hight of the Idrijsko Cerkljansko hills is 1000m. Between ridges and mountains there are crystal clear streams and rivers, among mountains there are several plains rising above incredible gorges. Cerkljansko region is a crossing for many trekking routes like Slovenian mountain route, European walking route Nr. E7, red route Via Alpina, Voralpe route.

Here are some hints for a hiking day

POREZEN (1630 m)

Porezen is the highest mountain in Cerkno region and one of three highest mountains in the southern voralpe (Prealp) region (other two Blegoš and Ratitovec). From the summit is a beautiful view over Julian Alps, Bohinj mountains. Just a couple of meters bellow summit there is a mountain hut. On the summit you can see a partisan monument that reminds us about the horror 2nd WW caused.You can access the top from several different points (Poče or Poljane village, from Baška grapa, form Petrovo brdo or from villages Davča or Novaki. Every year, last Sunday in August and March, a traditional March to Porezen, takes place.More about it

ČRNI VRH (1291 m)

Hut is situated on the sunny side, a litle bit bellow the summit of Črni vrh. Towards East we see mountain ridge between Črni vrh and Blegoš, on the south side there are Idrijsko-Cerkljansko hills.


By car from Cerkno there are 15 km, local road from Davča village 6km, walking from Cerkno 3 hours, from leskovica accros Robidensko brdo 2 hours.More about it

BEVKOV VRH (1051 m)

Bevkov vrh is the highest point of the mountain ridge that separates Idrijca river valley, Cerknica river valley and Hobovščica river valey. How to get there: by the main road from Cerkno to Kladje pass where we turn right. After couple hundred meters a beautiful view at Porezen and Cerkno opens. We follow signs to the cheese farm »na ravan« where you can buy excellent dairy products. From there is another half an hour easy walk to the top where is a chapel. More about it

KOJCA (1303 m)

There are a lot of ways to get to the top of Kojca. We suggest this one. Start at Jesenica village and follow markations. You will cross meadows filled with different rare flowers, after the meadows comes a test of your endurance, steep ascend to the top of Kojca where you can enjoy beautiful view in all directions. More about it

RATITOVEC (1687 m)

Ratitovec is just oposite of the most of Slowenian mountains, that are on the North side steeper. Even hill itself is not so high its summit is above forrest line. A special charm to Ratitovec give large larch forests. View from Ratitovec is one of the most beautiful in Slowenian mountains. More about it

BLEGOŠ (1564 m)

Blegoš is the highest top of Škofjeloško hribovje. Grass covered top in beautiful weather provides unique view over Julian Alps, Karavanke and Kamnik Alps. There are a lot of different aproaches to the top – from a short half an hour walk from Črni kal to a three hour walk from the valeys of Poljanščica and Selščica River. More about it

ERMANOVEC (1026 m)

Ermanovec is the highest top of the ridge that from NW closes Poljanska valley. Approach to the top will take hour to three hours walk. The easiest approach is from Kladje pass. It is not steep and long. More about it

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