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Restaurant Ski centre Cerkno
Restaurant Ski centre Cerkno

A couple of years ago an incredible restaurant was built at the top Cerkno Ski Centre, including six luxury Apartments, where you can ski to the door. They all have an amazing view over the surrounding hills, mountains and ski centre. In the same building there is also a sauna, ski room for apartment guests and playroom for children. In the restaurant there is seating for 500 guests, on the terrace there are an additional 600 seats. All together we can offer seating for 1100 skiers who can enjoy a delicious meal prepared in restaurants kitchen.

Self service restaurant offers you something special every day. International and local cuisine is always present.

Delicious pancakes are made right in front of your eyes, you can always choose a pan dish (mushroom rice, cabbage stew etc...). When having hangover a big plate of soup is always welcomed and reccomended. Tea and rum or blueberry brandy are strongly recommended in cold winter days.

20 % special discounts for booking till 31.05.2014!


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