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Biking (author Makuc A.)
Biking (author Makuc A.)
Neanderthal flute
Neanderthal flute

Views and mountaineering
To the east you can see the mountain ridge between Črni vrh and Blegoš. The Southern slopes descend down to the narrow valleys of the rivers Cerknica, Kopačnica, Volaščica and their tributaries. To the south are the nearest hills of Idrijsko and cerklajnsko, and to the North you can see the Trnovski gozd (trnovski forest) with Mali Gola. To the Southwest is the Banjška plain. On the southern slopes of Črni vrh you can see the village of Gorenji Novaki and below this there is the Cerknica river valley and the village of Dolenji Novaki. When you look to the west you can see Porezen and Kojca rising above the villages below. The view from the west to north first shows Davča village, then on the tops of lower Bohinj mountains, Lajnar and Dravh above Sorica, Julian alps including Triglav.

Črni vrh offers you an ideal starting point to go to Porezen, Blegoš, to the Davča waterfalls, to the tourist farm »Za robom«, where you can see the thickest cherry tree in Slovenia…

Alpine wall
The Alpine wall (italian »Vallo Alpino«) was an Italian fortification system built along the border. It started at Ligurian sea and went across the Alpine ridges to the borders with France, Switzerland, Austria and Yugoslavia all the way to Rijeka (Fiume). It was more than 1150 miles long and when in use was also protecting a part of Slovenia which after the 1st WW became a part of Italy.

The Eastern part of the wall was approximately 155 miles long and was built along a so called RAPPALO border to protect strategic crossing from Yugoslavia to Italy. At first it was only used for defense but after some time it also became a target for attack. One of the three defensive lines – security zones (so called »zona di sicurezza«) was crossing Črni vrh. Where 15,000 soldiers were protecting the Rappalo border and approximately 1500 of these soldiers were serving in the Cerkljnska region.

Novaki is a small village situated on the southeast slopes of Črni vrh it is between the Partisan hospital Franja and Davča village.

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